Thursday, July 23, 2009

The World Games boules competition got underway in a humid 228 Memorial Park yesterday with a number of Taiwanese athletes in action.

In the first matches of the day, Taiwan’s men’s duo Chen Hung-wen and Sun Chia-yi got off to a good start against their French opponents and took a 5-0 lead, only to lose 10-7.

Later on, Chen and Sun lost 13-0 to Thailand, before finishing off the day with a 13-6 victory over Israel.

Meanwhile, in their women’s doubles opening fixture Chen Szu-an and Yang Tai-hua were on the end of a 13-1 drubbing by a Thai pairing. Chen and Yang later lost 13-3 to France and also 13-2 to Spain, before drawing 12-12 with Canada in their final match.

2009 World Games Petanque results

by Gold
NOC - CountryMenWomenMixedTotalRank
by Total
1FRA FRA - France 10010101000011021
2THA THA - Thailand 00111001000010121
3BEL BEL - Belgium 01010000000001013
4ISR ISR - Israel 00000011000000113
Invitational Sports not included.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

World Games Tickets go on sale April 1st 2009

Today tickets go on sale for the World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung , Taiwan
Tickets for Boule sports Lyonnaise/Petanque/Raffa 228 Memorial Park July 20-22 2009. 218 tickets are available for $100NT that's about $2.94 US dollars a ticket

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today's training

Today we had our 2dn training session sadly to say only I K.P. and Hawi Ekai Wang showed up for it , but we got in two games before lunch time. So I hope more of you come next week. Also I'm thinking of moving the training day to Sunday afternoon. But some people informed me that some people are going to Hong Kong to watch the Rugby 7's next weekend. I wish i was going

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kaohsiung Petanque Starts 2009 season

Welcome To The Kaohsiung Petanque Club
The Kaohsiung Petanque Club 's training on Saturday March 21st at 10am to 12pm
Anybody can become member of the KHHPC.
membership annual fee of NT500
You will receive:
A KHHPC t-shirt
Tournament fee of NT350
Join tournaments with other clubs
Follow-up of members’ posting (on the web site)
Numbered membership card
Sponsored participation to spical events (open Bar,Wine& Cheese Degustation, Parties,
We play on weekends morrings and afternoons at various locations in Kaohsiung city on world class Boulodromes (except for rainy days) And if you or your friends or bussiness colleagues!We can plan an exciting day or just a different kind of activity with friends, come play and relax wile playing this wonderful game of petanque in a great atmosphere.A coach certified by THE CHINESE TAIPEI PETANQUE & SPORT BOULES ASSOCIATION will be on hand to introduce you to the game of petanque. Each training session will be 3 hours; the coach will teach you the rules and the tactics of the game. And everyone can enjoy lunch and drinks after the training. The Price per- person is NTD 2,500 The price includes learning the game and a set of OBUT BOULES imported from France and food and drinks.Games can be organized at your convenience from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 6pm
For any request you can contact
Kevin at or check our website.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

12thAsian Petanque Championship Rusults

Last week the 12TH Asian Petanque Championships,were played in Kaohsiung Taiwan from Nov.2nd -6th. This was the first time Taiwan held a international play in petanque. It was a very good tournament. It was promoted as a warm up to The 2009 World Games being held in Kaohsuing Taiwan in July 2009. So due to that fact it was promoted that way it was hard for people who were looking for info on the web before the tournament. So here is the results of the tournament

Men Triples:1st Place: Thailand 22nd Place: Thailand 13rd Place: Chinese Taipei 2, Vietnam 1
Women Triples:1st Place: Thailand 22nd Place: Thailand 13rd Place: Philippine 1, Vietnam 2
Men Doubles:1st Place: Thailand 12nd Place: Vietnam 13rd Place: Thailand 2, Vietnam 2
Women Doubles:1st Place: Thailand 22nd Place: Thailand 13rd Place: Vietnam 1, Vietnam 2
Men Shooting:1st Place: Sanya Phanphueak (Thailand)2nd Place: Han Liqiang (China)3rd Place: Thach Duong (Vietnam), Naoki Haraguchi (Japan)
Women Shooting:1st Place: Pacharin Sanjumnai (Thailand)2nd Place: Thongsri Thamakord (Thailand)3rd Place: Nguyen Thi Hien (Vietnam), Vicki Heo Boon Huay (Singapore

Friday, October 31, 2008

Asian championship program

Here is the program for 12Th The Asian Championships, I'm still getting e-mails seems like the the organisers have not let players know
about the details. or that they have a web-site

12 th Asian Petanque Championship
2nd–7th November 2008 in Kaohsiung , Taiwan

Sunday 2 November
13 : 30 Athletes check in at hotel
18 : 00 Welcome Dinner at hotel
19 : 00 Team Drawing at hotel
20 : 00 the annual meeting of the APSBC at hotel
Monday 3 November
09 : 00 Opening Ceremony at court
10 : 00 Shooting
12 : 00 Lunch at court ( Buffet )
13 : 30 Shooting
19 : 00 Dinner at court ( Buffet )
Tuesday 4 November
09 : 00 Double
12 : 00 Lunch at court ( Buffet )
13 : 30 Double
19 : 00 Dinner at court ( Buffet )
20 : 30 Night of the contestant at KMFA
KMFA is Kaohsiung museum of fine arts

Wednesday 5 November
09 : 00 Triplettes
12 : 00 Lunch at court ( Buffet )
13 : 30 Triplettes
19 : 00 Dinner at court ( Buffet )
20 : 00 Triplettes
Thursday 6 November
09 : 00 Triplettes
12 : 00 Lunch at court ( Buffet )
13 : 30 Triplettes
16 : 00 Final & Medal Ceremony at court
Friday 7 November
10 : 00 Athletes check out at hotel

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Asian Petanque Championship Web site

Well The Asian petanque Championship organisers just put up there web site today in English better late then never I guess! So for all the info on the events check it out